Telstra cuts rates on Next G data plans

Telstra cuts rates on Next G data plans

NextG.jpgTelstra’s Next G wireless broadband coverage has always been more extensive than any of its 3G competitors, but that’s come at a price: a ridiculously high price, as it happens. Now Telstra has dropped the pricing on its Next G data packs, making them moderately better value.
The $10 mobile data pack now includes 150MB of data (up from 20MB), and the $29 mobile data pack includes 300MB (up from 80MB). Excess data now costs 50 cents per MB on the $10 plan, or 25 cents per MB on the $29 plan (it was previously $1 on both plans). Those plans apply to all Next G phones, including the iPhone if you happen to have ignored the warnings and signed up with Telstra for the phone.
That still makes Next G much more expensive than its rivals. For instance, $39 a month with Vodafone gets you 6GB on a USB modem, while 3 this week launched a plan offering 6GB for $39. So shop around, think carefully before you commit, and share your thoughts on this price change in the comments.


  • yes telstra is more expensive. but

    me and my friend both have iphones, mine is on telstra his is on optus.
    Im on the 29 data pack im glad too hear ill be getting more for my money, but my telstra wireless speed is so much faster then my friends optus wireless, whats the point in having a huge limit like 3+ Gig if it comes in at dial up speed.
    Im happy paying more for me the speed is worth it, Id advise anyone looking at a iphone to try out both optus and telstra before making a decision on price alone.

    *oh also when you do make sure the iphone is on the wireless network not hooked up to the dealers Wifi.

  • I tried to sign-up with Vodafone they rejected my application because they couldnt offer 3G at my place in suburban Canberra. Kind of nice to know it in advance. My options appeared to be iBurst, Telstra and 3.

    The Telstra prices were (and still are ridiculous) in my opinion. iBurst wanted $300 for a modem. I signed up with 3 today in 15 minutes, and their usb key works on Vista & XP instantly through an auto-install. I’m still trying to get it running under Linux, but the internet tells me it will work.

    As in the post, $39/mth is hard to beat. You can turn off anything but 3G in the modem settings, so that should address roaming charges. There’s also a tiny tiny data amount that’s free when roaming, so a quick email or whatever is still ok.

    Interestingly when I access lifehacker when connected via 3 I default to lifehacker US edition.

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