Tap and Hold an Image to Save It to Your iPhone

Tap and Hold an Image to Save It to Your iPhone
iPhone owner Jason Kottke offers a handy tip for getting images onto your phone (or iPod touch): On any page in Mobile Safari, tap and hold an image to save it to your device. As Kottke points out, this is very useful for assigning images to your contacts or getting new wallpaper (as useful as the new ability to save email attachments, methinks). Hit up Facebook, for example, to grab photos of your pals to add to your address book. You’ll need the updated iPhone 2.0 software to do this. Here’s our rundown of all the features it adds.


  • What’s interesting is that you cannot seem to do this in the Facebook for iPhone app. Tapping and holding the image takes you to the full view and the only options seems to be to add a comment, or to scroll through the photo gallery by sliding right or left.

    Does anyone know how to save a picture through the app? I’ve been using Outsync to sync facebook photos with outlook, and then in turn the iphone, but it doens’t match up all the email addresses so I need to fill in the blanks.

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