Snarl Displays Growl-Like Universal Notifications

Snarl Displays Growl-Like Universal Notifications

Windows only: Free application Snarl is a universal notification system for Windows inspired by the popular Mac OS X notifier Growl. We mentioned Snarl once before, but the young project has improved a lot since then, with extensions supporting Firefox, Pidgin, Outlook, Sunbird, and more. Out of the box Snarl has built-in support for battery warnings, system events, and timer and clock support (like hourly reminders)—along with several attractive themes. It needs support for a wider range of apps if it’s ever going to do everything Growl does, but it’s got a good start. Snarl is free and open source, Windows only. Thanks Eric!


  • I think snarl is the future for notification management on windows. Looking further down the line, there would probably be standardized protocols for notification management making the application work seamlessly on any platform / environment.

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