Slim Ink posts books to your door

Slim Ink posts books to your door

SlimInk.jpgVoracious book lover but find it difficult to get to the local library? Australian book rental site Slim Ink could solve your reading woes. Like previously mentioned US-only service BookSwim, Slim Ink takes the DVD rent-by-post concept popularised by NetFlix and applies it to books, sending out titles you select along with a post-paid envelope to swap when you’re ready. Plans range from $14 a month for a single book to $60 a month for a dozen out at a time. While the range isn’t gigantic (and there’s no download option), this is a good solution for people who can’t access existing libraries (because of location or work hours) and don’t want to build a collection of their own. If you’ve tried it out, let us know your experiences in the comments. [Slim Ink]


  • As a regular user of Slim Ink, I cannot recommend this service more highly. The owner Marj Lim is an absolute book lover and treats all her books with respect and love and her clients benefit from beautifully covered and protected books and an ENORMOUS and ever-changing range!
    This is worth every dollar!!!

  • I have been a member of Slim Ink for years now, and would not be without it! The range is terrific, the service prompt and the books are treated with such tender loving care by Marj… I love getting my books in the mail, it’s so convenient and cost-effective. I give gift memberships to everyone!

  • Just adding to the chorus of approval – Slim Ink is a great service, and the owner is always very friendly.

    Oh – also, I read extremely widely, and it’s rare that I search for a book there and don’t find it.

  • And further, their search is useless. A search for “The tibetan book of living and dying” returns 209 results, the first being “Rocket Your Child into Reading”. Struggling with crap website search engines is so last century.

  • Thank you for taking the time to comment Christian. All you needed to do to search for the said title was to place the most definitive word in it that being ‘tibetan’ and it brings up the one and only title. ‘dying’ brings up 9 and ‘living’ brings up 12.

    As for your earlier comment, we loan the latest releases in books and our members prefer the loan of the books rather than owning them. Should they want to keep a particular copy for them selves we offer sale of books old and new with free postage for members and a 20% discount.

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