Plan your Melbourne tram trip with Tramroute

Plan your Melbourne tram trip with Tramroute

No visit to Melbourne would be complete without hopping on the city's tram network, but working out routes, stops and timetables isn't always straightforward if you're an out-of-towner. Tramroute simplifies the process by merging Google Maps with timetable information, allowing you to enter an address, identify the nearest tram stops, and then view timetable and real-time running information for that route. There's also a feature to find trams near popular attractions such as Luna Park, Federation Square and the MCG, and a handy mobile version which offers stop information without the maps being loaded. Although the terms suggest that you need to register, the site currently appears to operate for any visitor. [Tramroute]


  • This is going to be really good for finding stops from where you are. Better than the journey planner for sure!

    I think the combination of this, plus when you’re actually at the tram stop using the tramtracker is really useful.

    I’ve bookmarked the URL for the actual Yarra Trams TramTracker page so you can have real time information as to the arrival of your tram at your stop. They have the numbers on the pole or shelter at every stop. You can also call or sms when you’re at the stop too. Really really handy. Probably use that at least 3 times a week!
    ( Enter 3013 as a test… )

    I’m really looking forward to having this address on my new iphone!

  • hmmm,some strangeness on route 86, but it does seem to be missing some of the ‘strange’ off peak services and the like which always pop up around the place.

  • Or you could just use the metlink journey planner, which is quick, easy to use and can tell you the quickest way to get anywhere on public transport, taking into account trains, trams and buses.

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