Pitch your movie ideas at Make’n Movies

Pitch your movie ideas at Make’n Movies
MakenMovies.jpgGot what you think is a sure-fire idea for a movie but don’t know how to get it sold? Idea sharing forum Make’n Movies offers the ability to post your script concepts and have them critiqued and rated by others. While part of us can’t help thinking this is just a series of copyright violations waiting to happen, if you’re overflowing with script ideas, it might be worth a try. The site is free to use but requires registration. [Make’n Movies]


  • I would like to see a movie made from the book,’The Dress Lodger’ by Sheri Holman.Its about a 15yr old prostitute, during the plague, who rents an expensive looking dress to get higher paying clients.She also helps supply dead bodies to doctors for research.It gives a great description of the harsh life in those times.

  • I have many great ideas for new movies but dont know how to go about getting them in the cinema…im sick at the fact that nearly every new movie is a sequal… damn dat..if any one can direct me in the right direction plz…thanks

  • someone is on an airplane for the first time.everything seems to be going great,until,a man reveals himself as a terrorist.he causes complete chaos on the plane,but,he isn’t the biggest threat.1 passenger seems to not cooperate with the terrorist.he just sits there covered in a blanket.as it turns out,he isn’t just a regular man.when the terrorist approaches him,he jumps out of the blanket as a WEREWOLF!the passengers must now hide in 1st class and figure out how to kill the beast,email me for more info

  • Hey, last year i made a story about a young girl from the kimberley! she is 18 and has no idea who her father is and her mother has just passed away but she finds a Diary under her mothers bed, she finds out her father comes from kalgoorlie!she is determend to find him and her cousin sister tags along!! and its a musical using the yabu band music… if you want to hear more then email me…

  • I have always aspired to see this made into a movie, and be involved somehow it would need more written into it and the right person with a sort of Tim burton vision to do it but its an old folk tale called the soldier and death, you can watch the TV Jim henson storyteller version on youtube. Shoot it in new zealand, its a fantasy tale movie, it would be awesome.

  • I am a huge movie buff and love watching movies about real life stories especially those about Australia’s history and getting an insight about what it was like back then. Tasmania has so many untold stories about Australia which you would think by now would have been made into movie, such as ” The Trail of the Tin Dragon ” where over a 1000 chinese came through st.helens and took over the worlds biggest tin mine in derby and it ended badly with over a billion litres flooding the mines! more about the story here http://trailofthetindragon.com/map – also stories about how the british/convicts came into Australia through south of Tasmania the stories on port arthur alone that actually show in the grounds of port arthur.

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