Optus offers iPhone buying advice

iPhone3G.jpgHaving been the first carrier to reveal its full Australian iPhone pricing plans , Optus is now sending out email advice on the best way to score one of the coveted 3G phones when they go on sale on Friday. Its suggestions in a nutshell? People who have paid the $100 pre-registration fee will get priority when queueing, and be allowed into stores two hours before general opening; there's allegedlty a "limited" number of phones that aren't allocated in each store, so your best option might be to head to the nearest local store and try your luck. If there's no more phones in stock, you'll be able to place orders, though there's no word on a delivery timeframe. And don't try cheating by ordering online or by phone: no iPhones will be sold that way until a later date.


    no thanks, i'll wait for the 2nd shipment and new plans, these ones are a rip-off

    I'm so getting there as early as I can to try to get one! I don't have a deposit but I'll see how I go!

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