Optus introduces untimed call plans

While it isn’t actually the first provider to offer untimed mobile calls (goTalk’s VOIP plans have a similar feature), Optus’ new Timeless bundles do offer a cheap option if you make lots of calls to mobile numbers. Of particular note given the ongoing debate over iPhone plans is the $129 bundle, which includes 2GB of data and an all-you-can-call policy for $129 — a much better deal than the iPhone’s $149 1GB launch plan on Optus. If nothing else, this is yet another reminder that signing up early for the iPhone was always like to be a costly decision.


  • According to their website, “excessive use” is more than 2000 minutes a month – or 33 hours or the phone – plus 500 SMSes and 500 MMSes! Seems like a pretty damn good deal to me, and proves the iPhone plans are a ripjob.

  • optus link seems to be broken – giving a 404 message. is the offer really that compelling that it’s driving that much traffic to crash their site?

  • The only trouble with your statement that early iPhone adopters will pay more (in regards to the Timeless plans at least) is that you still have to obtain an iPhone to use these plans. Other models (Nokia, Blackberry etc) are subsidised on the timeless plans, while the 16Gb iPhone is free on $149 iPhone plan. To use the Timeless plans you’d have to cough up the upfront fee of $840 to Optus for the iPhone, oh and that’s if you could actually get ahold of one at the moment.

    Granted depending on your usage the Timeless plans may still come in as better value, but it is not as clear cut as you make it sound.

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