Only 10% of us are using mobile email

Only 10% of us are using mobile email

According to Sensis’ latest e-Business Report, just 10% of Australians have a phone with email access incorporated. (Whether that’s because the data plans for them are so expensive is another matter.) Those of us who do have them seem to like them: six out of ten mobile email users never switch their device off, while roughly a fifth of us de-activate them at weekends to get some proper downtime. Doubtless these figures will be used at some point in the near future to argue that the BlackBerry has turned us all into work slaves — though, as Gina argued recently, such discussions never point out the productivity gains that can come with better access to work resources.


  • The data plans are to blame for many who are both aware of it and know how to use it and would benefit from it too. I am one who meets the criteria and I would love an Internet access enabled phone but can’t justify the expense. I’m about to dish out the dough though as there is becoming to be far too many occasions where I say it would have been nice to have had internet access out here or getting an important email late when I could have had it delivered to my phone.

  • Discounting BlackBerrys, emailing on phones is a real pain in the a#s! Only 10% have email access? I thought the number would have been a lot less than that! Surprised!

  • Pure and simple reason for me is the CO$T of mobile data in Australia.

    And the lack of 3G once you leave the inner-mid metro areas of large cities.

    But mainly the (VERY) HIGH cost.

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