Networking tricks for the Tokyo traveller

Here's your intrepid Lifehacker AU editor slurping up some free Wi-Fi at Odawara station late at night while waiting for the bullet train. Impressively, there was actually an open network to be had, which allowed me to approve some more comments about Vodafone's confusion over its data plans. Note also the modification to easily attach a broadband wireless modem on the back of my trusty Eee PC.
Of course, extended usage of someone else's bandwidth is poor form, but Tokyo offers plenty of options for the traveller seeking connections. In particular, most hotels seem to have worked out that if you're already paying a small fortune for a room, you shouldn't have to pay an extra surcharge for Internet access. Australian (and US) hotels would do well to emulate. (Postscript on the perils of boasting: after this went up, I didn't manage to get a functioning net connection in Tokyo for most of the day, hence the delayed posting of many stories today. Apologies all round!)


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