MySpace profile editor offers simple theme management

MySpace profile editor offers simple theme management

If you don't fancy hand-coding the look of your MySpace profile, the newly-rolled-out Profile Themes editor can do the job for you. Currently in beta, the tool is basic but functional, offering you a choice of themes in eight pre-designed categories such as Arty, Tech and Sports. You can customise the themes by changing colours, borders and background images. Access the editor by selecting Edit Profile from the Profile menu and then Profile Editor. [MySpace]


  • I don’t have that link on my profile!!
    I’m wondering if they took it off 🙁
    I changed my profile with that editor,
    and now that i wish for a different backround,
    how do I do that if its set with profile themes?
    I’ve tried html and css to try to change my backround ONLY
    but to no avail :[
    the only way i can change my backround now is with Profile Themes but THERE IS NO PROFILE THEMES! =(

  • I don’t know why, but I don’t have the profile editor on my page anymore…I used to, but for some reason I don’t now. Can you PLEASE help me with this? I’m planning to be a graphic designer someday and setting up my profile is a way I can become one…colleges look at my myspace and I want them to have something to look at. I haven’t changed my profile in about a month or two because I can’t get it back, PLEASE HELP.

    Kristopher Faheem

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