MyMobiler Controls Windows Mobile From Your Desktop

Windows only: The My Mobiler desktop application controls your Windows Mobile device through its Active Sync connection. We've already covered the GetPDAScreen program, which allows you to see your mobile device remotely and capture the screen, but My Mobiler adds so many more features. What you see in the desktop application is real time and you can interact with your mobile device using the mouse and keyboard as through you were holding the phone in your hand. It has screenshot and video capture capabilities as well as the ability to cut and paste between the phone and desktop environment. The MyMobiler desktop interface even has the ability to emulate the physical keys on the phone which lets you fully interact with the device. My Mobiler is a free download for Windows only. Thanks, joelena and fellow savvy readers!


    Hi this is indeed a gr8 tool. But is there anyway we can develop our own tool for the remote display? Will be gretefull if you can provide us this info

    EveryWAN Remote Support Personal Edition is also a free alternative, that is in my opinion a bit more complete:

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