Move Up a Directory in Vista’s Explorer

Move Up a Directory in Vista’s Explorer

Windows Vista tip: If you’ve been missing the Up navigation button in Windows Explorer since you upgraded to Vista, the functionality is still there—it’s just hidden behind an Alt-up keyboard shortcut. Now when you want to move to the parent folder of the folder you’re currently browsing inside, just hold Alt and tap the up arrow. We’re assuming Windows decided to drop the Up functionality in Vista because in most cases, the Back arrow (or Backspace) will suffice, but if you’ve jumped to different folders in the sidebar or you started browsing your filesystem below the root, the Back button just doesn’t do the trick. Luckily Alt-up is a simple, intuitive shortcut alternative. Thanks Chuma!


  • Well I do miss it and the Alt+Up requires both hands to do it. Not very practical, eh? The UP click in every other MSWindows Explorer was way better. If I click in a shortcut in my desktop to some location in the drive I can only go up a few folders not to root.

  • 1. save a shortcut for some directory, say ABC, put it into quick launch bar
    2. click the shortcut to open it
    3. if press Alt-Up or back button, it goes to quick launch directory rather than actual parent directory
    this happens only in Vista, how can I do this in vista since I always do this way to go to some brother directory of ABC

  • Or just use the “Backspace” key!

    I’d still prefer an up icon and they’ve still missed it in Windows 7, but at least the open and close box is quite a bit nicer to use.

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