More discounts as eBay seeks to limit damage

ebay.gifIt looks like eBay still needs to encourage sellers in the wake of its embarrassing PayPal backdown. Less than two weeks after its last discount listing offer, the auction site is now offering a 10-day period of free insertion fees for auctions starting at $0.99 or below, running from July 12 to 21. That's only a saving of $0.30, but if you're keen to sell some stuff with low reserves, it's as good a time to do it as any.


    ebay needs to acept that if they want to do business in Australia they need to follow the laws' that govern business and trading in Australia.
    Every country have their own laws, follow the laws and you will have a successfull business, creat your own laws and you will have a lot of problems, or not do any business at all!

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