Mocha VNC Lite is Simple Remote Control for iPhones

Mocha VNC Lite is Simple Remote Control for iPhones

iPhone/iPod touch only: Mocha VNC Lite, the latest free utility added to the iTunes App Store, is one of those great programs that jailbreak enthusiasts probably thought would never appear in official form. Having arrived, however, it’s a simple, easy to use tool for remote-controlling a Windows, Mac, or Linux system from your palm, with full keyboard access, double-click abilities, and support for 32-bit colours. You can flip your phone to landscape for widescreen desktops, and zoom in and scroll just like you would with a Safari web page. The only apparent restrictions on this “Lite” version are a lack of support for right clicks, a QWERTY-only keyboard, and no macros, but for controlling your media centre or desktop from another room, Mocha should work just fine. Mocha VNC Lite is a free download for 2.0 iPhones and iPod touches only.


  • I though the this application was fairly useless. Yes I did get it to work, eventually, but I found that I could only connect to my computer via 3g and edge if the server I was running (tried UltraVNC, TightVNC and RealVNC) was not running as a service. This meant that I had to be logged on all the time if I wanted to use this application, which I though to be a little silly, and slightly insecure

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