Jailbreak iPhone 2.0 on Windows with Winpwn

If you don't feel like you're getting all you can from the iPhone App Store and other perks of the iPhone and iPod touch 2.0 software, then jailbreaking is for you. We've already shown you how to jailbreak your iPhone 2.0 on a Mac, but yesterday the Windows version of the iPhone jailbreak tool—called Winpwn—hit the streets, so now Windows users have a user-friendly way to jailbreak. Let's take a step-by-step look at how to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod touch using Winpwn.

Warning: Before you dive in, keep in mind that this jailbreak method is very new. I ran into the same show-stopping snag along the way and have not yet been able to use it to jailbreak my iPhone. Others have had success, so your mileage may vary. Nothing I've been able to do so far has harmed my iPhone in any way. It's just not jailbroken.

What You'll Need

Before you get started, make sure you have the following:

You'll also need the iPhone or iPod touch 2.0 software update files. You can find the 3G version of iPhone 2.0 here, or grab the 2G software update here .

Winpwn Step by Step

You need to use Winpwn to create a custom version of the iPhone 2.0 software for your device, so the first thing you need to do is create that custom image using the IPSW Builder. To do this, just fire up Winpwn and select the IPSW Builder. Click Browse .ipsw for the iPhone or iPod touch 2.0 software on your computer. Point it toward the iPhone software you downloaded above. Once your iPhone software is recognised, click the IPSW Builder button to get started making your customised image. From the IPSW Builder, tick the Install Cydia checkbox. Don't check YouTube activation fix if you're an official AT&T customer. Then click the Build .ipsw button. You'll be prompted to save the custom ipsw file. Choose where where you want to save it and click Save (it defaults to the Winpwn install location). The IPSW Builder will take several minutes to create your custom IPSW image.

NOTE: Winpwn had trouble for me at this point, failing several times and crashing once. I'm actually still trying to get past this point, and will update the post if I have any luck. If all worked according to plan, the following steps should go something like this:

Once you've got your new custom image, go back into Winpwn and click on iPwner. You'll be prompted to choose the custom IPSW you created above.

Now you need to put your phone into DFU mode, as demonstrated in the video above.

Once you enter DFU mode, iTunes will open to your iPhone. Now just hold shift and click the restore button, then browse to and choose the custom IPSW file we created with IPSW Builder. iTunes will now install your custom firmware on your iPhone or iPod touch. It may take a while, but when you're done you'll be running your custom iPhone 2.0 software, complete with the Cydia installer.

For more on Cydia, check out the Using Cydia section of Gina's excellent guide to jailbreaking on a Mac with the Pwnage Tool. Also, now that you're jailbroken, you can appreciate why we need the iPhone app black market.

If you give it a try and had more luck than I did, let's hear about it in the comments.


    I'm a bit sad that Winpwn isn't as pretty as the mac one...

    I already jailbroke my iPhone 3g using a prepwned file done by the mac version, and then just applied it through iTunes. It works great :D

    work great on first try with the new updated winpwn

    Hi, mine is a 1st gen iPhone. I upgraded to 2.0 with a prepwned file done on a Mac. It was working fine but I had wanted to go back to 1.1.4 and so I did the unthinkable and restore to 2.0 with iTunes. Now I am unable to downgrade to 1.1.4 nor am I able to jailbreak it with Winpwn, or anything else. My iPhone is just stuck with a 2.0 firmware that cannot be jailbroken, but the baseband has been unlocked and I can only take calls. Help !

    The actual jailbreak worked fine but I now have no phone service. What do I do? I have att.

    I'm a bit sad that Winpwn isn't as pretty as the mac one...

    I already jailbroke my iPhone 3g using a prepwned file done by the mac version, and then just applied it through iTunes. It works great :D

    Can you upload that prepwned file cause i have problems making it?Thanks in advance

    hi, after trying to winpwn my ipod touch it has gone blank and would not turn on.Everything was working great until mu ipod had to reboot then it when blank.i've tried the dfu mode and the ten seconds.please please help me

    hi, i am new to this jailbreak thing. i think i have cydia insytalled, but when i put my tmobile sim card in, it does not work!! i can not make any calls!! need some guru to help. thanks.

    i have the same prblem ..... i just uograde to the custom firmware 2.0 but i have no signal at all im using a t mobile sim card and the iphone is the first gen... help plz!!!

    I had a problem too. I installed winpwn and I could get no att service nor would it let me use my wireless internet in my house

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