iAntiVirus protects your Mac

Apple might like to boast about the Mac's low profile when it comes to hacking, but low doesn't equate to non-existent. Australian security vendor PC Tools has rolled out a beta version of iAntiVirus, an anti-malware tool for Mac users. The product features the expected range of features (virus and spyware detection, and regular downloadable updates). We haven't tested it out ourselves (no Mac to hand), but if Macs are going to continue to grow in popularity, security software is going to become more essential, so it's good have free options available. Mac OS X: iAntivirus is Mac OS X only; the beta version is free to download, though there's a $49.95 charge for commercial or supported use. If you've tried it out, share your experiences in the comments. [iAntiVirus]


    Please tell me why you would want/need a virus scanner for an OS that has only 2 viruses in the wild?

    Their threat list (http://iantivirus.com/threats/) looks like it has more than 2 nasties to detect! :)

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