How to Use and Search Gmail Superstars

How to Use and Search Gmail Superstars

All things Google weblog Google Operating System details how to take full advantage of Gmail Superstars, a souped-up version of Gmail’s standard yellow star available in previously mentioned Gmail Labs. When enabled, Gmail Superstars allows you to set the star to one of 12 different icons for more robust labelling via the previously single-function star icon. The really cool part? Gmail Superstars are incorporated into Gmail’s advanced search, so you can use queries like:


…to narrow down your starred items. Even better, you could bookmark specific star searches with the previously highlighted Quick Links feature to set up quick access to any Gmail Superstar. Be sure to check out the original post for all the different available search terms.


  • For those who think that the stars are merely a redundant feature, consider that some people prefer icons over text links. Whenever there is an option to show text links in a toolbar or menu, or to show icons, or both, I always use only icons. I value screen real estate. Furthermore, the eye can scan a page and easily pick out red stars much more easily than, say, looking for text-link labels like “Action Needed” and so on.

    This was the very reason that Google allowed labels to be color-coded… but sometimes a color alone just isn’t enough, especially when you run out of colors or two colors are too similar to each other.

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