How to back up your Outlook signatures

How to back up your Outlook signatures

Setting up a bunch of specific signatures in Outlook makes for more effective communication, but there's no obvious method for migrating them when you move machines, since signatures aren't stored as part of the main PST file. Microsoft's Outlook Team Blog explains the secret of how to move signatures from one place to another: in short, they're stored as files in an obscure folder which you can access by control-clicking the Signatures button under Mail Format. While hardly obvious, at least this method makes signature backup possible.
How do I back up my signatures? [Microsoft Outlook Team Blog]


  • Okay, so I have hundreds of users that don’t seem to understand the simplest of instructions. So what I do as a “solution” to the signature problem is have them e-mail their signatures to themselves. Everything is backed up normally, including their signatures. Then, if they can’t seem to find their signature files when following the instructions (with pictures mind you), then a refer them to their e-mailed copy and have them cut and paste. I know, but you gotta do what you gotta do.


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