How Do I Delete about:config Entries?

Dear Lifehacker,
Even though it may "void my warranty," I've made changes in Firefox's about:config area based on tweaks you've published and ones I've seen elsewhere. Problem is, at some point I mis-entered one, and I can't seem to delete it. I can only edit the value in about:config, but I can't remove the entry entirely. I know it probably isn't a big deal, but just in case, because I hate knowing it's there: Is there any way to delete an about:config entry in Firefox?
Config Fat Finger

Dear Fat Finger,

Update: The about:config ninjas in our commenters inform us that there's a much easier way to get this done than we originally recommended.

In about:config, right click on the mistyped value and choose "Reset." Then, restart Firefox. The value will be deleted. Simple! Thanks, abysmal!



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