GrabUp Makes Screenshot Sharing Effortless

GrabUp Makes Screenshot Sharing Effortless

Mac OS X only: Freeware application GrabUp automatically uploads screenshots to the internet and pastes the URL in your clipboard for quick and easy sharing. The application installs as a preference pane in your System Preferences and integrates with your Mac’s default screenshot shortcuts. So if you hit Cmd-Shift-3 and select an area for a screenshot, it’s automatically uploaded to the GrabUp servers and the URL is copied to your clipboard. You can enable or disable GrabUp through the preference pane, and if you enable GrabUp for your menu bar you can go through the history of your screenshot upload URLs. GrabUp is freeware, Mac OS X only. For more robust alternatives, check out previously mentioned Skitch and Jing.


  • There’s a free tool I wrote for Windows, it’s on SourceForge (vvcap), also available at, does exactly same thing. Welcome to try it out. Source code for both server and client available for download. Features DES encryption of the images, which means that it’s a lot harder to hack and steal your pics

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