EncryptOnClick Makes Securing Files Really Simple

EncryptOnClick Makes Securing Files Really Simple

Windows only: Have you ever wanted to lock down a few files behind passwords, but don’t want to jump into a full-featured encryption system with multiple keys, virtual drives and whatnot? Free encryption utility EncryptOnClick is a dead-simple utility that gets the job done. Open the program, choose a file or folder to secure, and type in your password. The files or folder will get an encrypted icon, and you’ll be asked for the password to open them—and that’s it, at least with the freeware version. The app uses 256-bit AES encryption, so for hiding stuff from the average snooper, it’s a tight and light solution. EncryptOnClick is a free download for Windows systems only.


  • Have used Encrypt on Click for a number of years now and found it extremely easy to use. When you un-encrypt to read the files, the folder is back to its original state. The whole process is repeated to encrypt the folder again.
    Word of warning, do not forget your password. I did once, and spent ages trying different Password breaking programmes without success. I was fortunate enough to eventually remember it.
    A good programme IMHO

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