Embed Remember the Milk on Your Windows Desktop

Embed Remember the Milk on Your Windows Desktop

Weblog Third Error suggests a clever use for your Windows Active Desktop: Embed your Remember the Milk to-do list on your wallpaper. In all it’s pretty standard use of the oft-disregarded Active Desktop, but the main trick is that you subscribe to the Remember the Milk iGoogle gadget so you get a nice, clean interface for your to-do list directly on your desktop. We’ve detailed how to embed your local to-do list before, but if you’re a RTM user, this slight tweak is a must-have for your desktop.


  • As a Google Chrome user, my variation on this theme is having my RTM iGoogle gadget accessible as an app in its own Window:
    1. Open Google Chrome
    2. Go to your iGoogle page
    3. Right-click inside your RTM iGoogle Gadget
    4. Select “Open frame in new window”
    5. Click the “Control the current page” button (to the right of the address bar)
    6. Select “Create application shortcuts…”

    I’ve added it to my Quick launch bar, and have associated it with the RTM icon available from http://ninjaplan.com/remember-the-milk-in-just-one-click/

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