Discount broadband plans may finally be affordable

It's long been accepted wisdom that entry-level broadband plans are rarely worth the money: $30 a month sounds cheap, but if you only have 200MB of downloads to play with you'll be lucky to keep your systems patched, let alone get anything done. But the situation does appear to be improving. Internode has launched a $34.95 a month plan which includes 5GB of downloads. It's unlikely to appeal to a serious hard-core geek (especially as it's a slow 256Kbps service), but it could make it feasible to switch your dial-up-diehard relatives into a speedier always-on world. Any other good discount broadband plans you've encountered? Share them in the comments.

    15 gig Peak
    15 gig Off Peak
    512 Up and Down

    20 gig Peak
    20 gig Off Peak
    1024 Up and 256 Down

    40gb on peak
    110gb off peak
    ADSL2 Speeds
    $70 with IPTV
    So usually 8000 up and 2000 up around there anyway

    ADSL2+ (24000ish down 1000ish up)

    12gb peak (midday-midnight)
    48gb off peak (midnight-midday)
    INCLUDING phone line rental.

    (if your paying $30 phone rental this is the same $35 price as the deal above, but this is SO MUCH BETTER!)

    I love it when telephony companies cold call me, then hangup when i tell them my deal :)

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