Create Shortcuts on a USB Drive

Create Shortcuts on a USB Drive

Samer from the FreewareGenius weblog steps away from reviewing software to take a look at how to create shortcuts on your USB drive. The problem: You can’t create relative shortcuts in Windows, but since your USB drive letter can change each time you plug it in, shortcuts with full paths can break. Samer details how to use batch files to create shortcuts with relative paths, then goes a step further and converts the batch file to an EXE and gives it the same icon as the program it’s launching. In his example, he’s making a quick shortcut to Eject the USB drive using previously mentioned EjectUSB. If you’re a real thumb drive junky, you can use batch files to quick-launch your USB workspace as soon as you plug in your thumb drive.


  • I’ve found another way.. WITHOUT BATCH Files. It is pretty simple but will leave you a cmd window opened (as batch does) until main application is closed.

    1. Create a Shortcut

    2. Just write in “Traget:”
    %windir%\system32\cmd.exe /c cd “__RELPATH_TO_MY_WORKING_DIR__” & “__APP_NAME__”

    3. In the “Start In:” (Leave it blank)

    I dont know if using the command cd approach will work for you as “Start In:” does but it worked for me.

    Also, you can set “Run:” to minimized but will leave window still opened… I hate that window!

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