Calgoo Goes Free, Syncs Desktop Calendars with Google Calendar

Windows/Mac OS X only: Online and desktop calendar-syncing application Calgoo Connect—along with all of the other calendar tools available from Calgoo—are now free. Calgoo Connect syncs Outlook on Windows or iCal on OS X with popular online calendars, namely Google Calendar and 30 Boxes. Granted, syncing Gcal with Outlook is pretty well covered with previously mentioned Google Calendar Sync, but Mac users haven't had a free solution for Gcal-to-iCal sync, which makes the free offering from Calgoo a godsend. All Calgoo products are now freeware, Windows and Mac OS X only.


    Google now support WebDAV so you don't need to use an application like to sync your calendar anymore :

    Except if you're on Tiger OS X - doesn't support WebDAV :(

    I can't make your link work, but I was looking around Google help today and I'm pretty sure that the WebDAV is only useful if you want to send your Google Calendar events to iCal and not the other way around.

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