Cabos Does Lightweight Peer-to-Peer

Cabos Does Lightweight Peer-to-Peer

Windows/Mac only: Free, open-source application Cabos is a peer-to-peer file sharing application with an emphasis on minimalism. That means that unlike other popular P2P apps that run on the Gnutella network like LimeWire or previously mentioned FrostWire, Cabos is completely stripped down and bloat free. Granted, you’ve probably moved on to downloading files with BitTorrent for most of your file-sharing needs, but for the occasional one-off download, an old-school peer-to-peer app like Cabos is always nice to have in the toolbox.


  • what’s with the “the java software cannot be loaded” error?

    I’ve tried everything! Downloading the latest java… adding the path into the PATH Variable..

    What is wrong? How can I make it work?

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