Blow Up Shows Off Flickr Photos Full-Screen

Blow Up Shows Off Flickr Photos Full-Screen

Webapp Blow Up displays Flickr photos in a full-screen slideshow for closeup browsing. When you want to show off your vacation photos from this summer that you uploaded to Flickr, head over to Blow Up Your Flickr and enter your username. Blow Up will pull down your photos and display them full screen, with a hideaway thumbnail navigation. Web site owners, you can even download the Blow Up app and install it on your own site.


  • Apples and oranges,

    Piclen is great your the PC you use everyday, but when you want others to view your pictures fullscreen and dont (or can’t) get them to install picLens, then this blow up page is perfect. does the same thing, tho i think its just medium res pictures (but you can create links directly to your photo’s, even link to it from your flickr page).

    So it has its use’s, and it many situations it better than piclen (but its many its not), Apples and Oranges.

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