Avanquest Connection Manager Creates Custom Profiles for Your Net Connecitons

Windows only: Avanquest Connection Manager, previously a $US30 app, is now a free utility that could be seriously convenient for laptop users. The app lets you create profiles for your different wi-fi or LAN connections, changing email, printer, and network drive defaults depending on where you hook up, along with security settings and other concerns. The app's basic connection-chooser is also more user-friendly than Windows' own somewhat plain built-in version (though that might be what some road warriors like about it). The trade-off for its "free"-ness appears to be ads for other Avanquest software scrolling across the top, but I find them pretty easy to ignore. Avanquest Connection Manager is a free download for Windows systems only.


    If you have an IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad and haven't automatically removed all the cruft that comes with it, then you'll have Access Connections that does this automatically, including changing Browser proxy settings, changing default printer and turning WiFi on while disabling Ethernet and vise versa.

    Was a bit broken at first but by 2006 was pretty good. Don't know if this works on non-ThinkPad laptops though.

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