Aussie software price ripoff: why free is the way to go

Aussie software price ripoff: why free is the way to go

An article by Andrew Ramadge at
highlights the often shocking price differences between
download-only software for Australian customers and those buying
elsewhere in the world. The most extreme examples come from games
companies, which can charge up to five times as much, but Adobe and
numerous security companies also come under the microscope.

Fortunately, asmany  Lifehacker readers
are well aware, there are better ways to deal with most of these
problems than trying to pretend you're downloading from Arizona. To
keep your system secure, look no further than the five best antivirus
as selected by readers .
And there's a huge range of options to handle your PDF creation,
modification and reading
needs for free.

Aussies paying five times more for


  • The consistently high mark-up on technology/software for Australia absolutely murders me.

    I don’t entirely understand why it’s necessary, and if you take a look at various items like Eee PCs in shops, you’ll notice a vast price difference in price.

    So, it makes even less sense on downloadable items.

    In the end, why would I buy from a local retailer, when I can purchase X item, ship it, buy a new powercord (or what have you), and STILL save $100?

  • Yes, this is absurd. FIFA 08 was an interesting stand out from my experiences, costing $80 on Steam Australia and probably the same in Australian retail stores yet selling for $20 in the US.

    Sure makes eBay’ing items from Hong Kong and where not or using free and/or open source software an appealing alternative.

    If anyone is interested, look up Google for “open source equivalents to commercial software” (without the quotes) and turn the “worldwide” option on when searching eBay and you’ll save plenty.

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