AccelMan File Manager Replaces Explorer with Robust Features

Windows only: Free application AccelMan is a dual-pane Windows Explorer replacement with a powerful feature set. Previously a shareware application, AccelMan boasts a built-in image viewer, tabbed views, command line integration, a media player, text editor, and even file compression and extraction with support for 15 popular formats (including ZIP and RAR). It also does as-you-type search, reads PDF and Microsoft Office documents, and tons more. We've shown you how to replace Explorer with Xplorer2, but if you're looking for an Explorer alternative and Xplorer2 wasn't you're thing, AccelMan is worth a look. AccelMan is freeware, Windows only.


    Google'd and got the registration file..

    File Downloaded from :

    Did this cuz the main site is down (

    Note: Freeware Application


    For those people who are having problem opening AccelMan File Manager, (My Temporary Fix) "I am using Xp Pro, SP3, Dual Monitor, Quad Core."
    You can try this. Using Windows Explorer. Go to C:\Program Files\Flexigen\AccelMan\bin\accelman.exe = right click, Properties, Compatibility, Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows 98 / Windows Me, click Apply, click OK. I hope this help others.

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