3 launches BYO iPhone plans

iPhone3G.jpg3’s petition to be an official iPhone reseller seems to have fallen on deaf ears at Apple so far (nothing new there, frankly). Its latest move in the iPhone market is arguably more appealing, however: plans for customers who’ve bought a 3G iPhone from another carrier (Optus remains the best deal in that regard) and want better rates.
If you do have a functioning iPhone and don’t mind the upfront costs, the starter kit plans are the best value we’ve seen in data terms, outstripping Optus’ improved Timeless plans. On a $49 cap, you get 1GB of data a month; on a $69 cap, that goes up to 2GB. There are some caveats: you need to sign up for 24 months, the usual warnings about avoiding 3 outside metropolitan areas apply, and we haven’t yet managed to confirm the call rates (though we suspect
With Telstra also lowering its data prices today, the mobile data scene for iPhone users is looking rather more competitive than it did at launch. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: early adoption has its perils. (The 3 plans go on sale on August 4.)


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