3 customers get iPhone working, Vodafone still confused

3 customers get iPhone working, Vodafone still confused

While we’re still waiting on an official response from Vodafone over the ever-growing confusion surrounding its iPhone plans, not everyone is sticking with the official carriers. Joseph Hanlon at ZDNet Australia reports on forum postings from MacTalk.com.au detailing how enthusiasts have managed to plug a 3 SIM card into an iPhone and get it working, though the process requires flashing the phone and isn’t for the faint-hearted. If you’ve successfully got your iPhone working with its non-native carrier, let’s hear about it in the comments. [MacTalk via ZDNet Australia]


  • Angus,

    Absolutely right – the process is a bit confusing. I managed to get mine working on the ‘3’ network after I received my official “phone unlocked” sms from Optus.

    However, I blame Optus for the complexity around this – The process itself, while lengthy, is fairly straightforward and works like a charm.. but hey – where are the instructions? If it hadn’t been for the MacTalk forums, I would have never been able to do this. Sure, I could have called Optus and asked them, but one look at the forums tells you that only a couple of them got valid and confident answers from their support guys.

  • So.. um.. The Iphone is kind of like the aids that is killing tech news. We seriously don’t want to read about it all the time. Can you report on things that are actually cool?

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