1Password Makes Secure Logins Easier on iPhones

1Password Makes Secure Logins Easier on iPhones

iPhone/iPod touch only: Free application 1Password makes logging into secure sites much easier on the iPhone’s mobile Safari browser by creating a double-protected mini-database of your passwords. The app won’t auto-fill login forms in Safari, but provides its own mini-browser that plugs in your credentials into any site’s login form. Great for checking your bank accounts or secure work data, but the big drawback is lack of a keyboard inside the mini-browser—so no further typing once you’re in. Of course, you can just use 1Password as a memory-booster for your user/password combos, for which it works just fine. Users of 1Password’s Mac version can sync their passwords between versions with the $US35 upgrade. 1Password is a free download for iPhones and iPod touch devices only.


  • Perhaps i’m setting up the 1password application incorrectly but my main use of it would be to hide my passwords from prying eyes and yet it seems to show my password to anyone glancing at my iPhone.

    I don’t really mind if they happen to glance over my shoulder and get a look at a few numbers from the PIN used for the application because I can easily change that. But I want an easy way to log into secure websites while keeping my password hidden and secure. And yet, every time I boot up 1password I select the website and it takes me to the settings page where my username and password for the website are in plain view. This is hardly secure, any prying eyes could take a glance at my whole password right there in the open. Passwords should either appear as stars OR there should be a separate button to launch the website without having to first open the settings page.

    The application has a wonderful setup and implementation but this one glaring security issue means I simply cannot use it at this stage.

    Or is it just me setting it up wrong?

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