Zefty Manages Allowances for Kids and Parents

Zefty Manages Allowances for Kids and Parents

Web-based account manager Zefty helps kids understand spending and parents manage what they owe the little ones. Manually or automatically “deposit” money into kids’ accounts, and they (and you) can see what they’ve saved. If your tyke’s tech-proficient, they get their own login to enter what they withdrew and why, but parents get a super-user account as well. There’s also “Zefty Checks” kids can request money with, and an allowance calculator that determines a reasonable pay rate. Zefty is free to use, requires a sign-up.


  • Hmmm, these Web 2.0 micro managing sites are getting a bit much aren’t they (probably wrong place to bring this up considering someone is sure to post about how they have set up a MySQL server and command line assembly code tool to allow their children to manage this remotely).
    Maybe I should fund my own startup and get a web tool going that manages how many times I wipe my backside each day. Maybe call it Ars Wipe? Or what about the Bog Roll? Then when it gets really popular it will be called “bogging”! Better get to work on a glass toilet paper icon…

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