XP is doomed: Get cracking on PC purchase plans


With June now officially upon us and the financial year almost over, if you've been thinking of purchasing a PC, now is a sensible time. If it's a business machine, you'll be able to deduct at least some of the cost in this financial year — and with sub-$1,000 machines now common, you might be able to do it in a lump rather than over four years (check with your accountant).

An even more pressing reason to buy now is that manufacturers are officially supposed to stop selling any machines (apart from certain ultra-portables) with XP on them after June 30. If you want a PC that actually has a useful Windows operating system, not the pig-with-lipstick experience of Vista, then you'd best order soon. While there'll be downgrade rights options after that date — meaning you can purchase a Vista Business machine and ask for XP to be installed instead — who needs the extra hassle? (We note in passing that July 1 will also see tax rates increase on cars costing more than $57,123; go crazy, motoring freaks!)


    Pass the lip stick my wife bought a Acer!!!!

    Funny how over time XP has got better not worse, not older or passe. Part of that is that I know better how to run it and I've learn't some of its nooks and crannies but the other part is that on recent rigs it runs faster than ever and even feels lighter (not as light as Ubuntu tho'). It gets a visual and functional makeover occasionally. And it runs everything (how many programs won't run on XP compared to how many won't run on Vista?!)
    Hard to love, but then its a computer OS!

    In case you missed the budget:

    Any laptops bought after budget night are not tax deductible.

    I don't recall anything along those lines in the budget at all -- there was an adjustment to the depreciation period for software, but nohardware changes as far as I know. And the rules for businesses that opt for the Simplified Tax System are in any case different to those for larger companies. Of course, I might just have missed it -- got a source for that statement?

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