Why Apple Australia won’t repair your first-generation iPhone

Why Apple Australia won’t repair your first-generation iPhone

While the iPhone 3G will go on sale in Australia on July 11, there’s already a healthy proportion of iPhones in the country, thanks to the wonders of jailbroken iPhones. But what happens if you end up with a physically broken imported gen 1 iPhone? Don’t go looking to Apple for help, would seem to be the answer.
Dan Warne at APC reports that Apple is officially refusing to support or repair the first-generation iPhone in any way even after the 3G release — which is sort of fair enough for a jailbroken phone (doing that voids the warranty), but sounds like tough luck on anyone who’s visiting Australia for work when their phone goes cactus. The article also has a useful list of non-official iPhone repair shops, which might well prove to be the best solution.
iPhone repairs won’t be available in Australia: Apple [APC]


  • Thanks for this link. I know there are a small number of those illegal types who have First Gen iPhones, but like any first Gen, they have their problems. This information could be vital.

    However, quotes on those sites sit in the hundreds, so it may be cheaper to wait for the newer and better…

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