Where Australians go wrong online

A new local survey from longstanding free antivirus favourite AVG gives some interesting insights into where Australians get caught out online. Now, this should be put into context: the survey found that 39% of Australians had been a victim of some kind of ‘cyber theft’, which is less than half of us. But which were the most common problems?

According to the study, which was conducted on 1,000 local surfers, these were the top six problems:
* not receiving goods paid for at an online auction (16%);
* fraudulent emails that resulted in financial damage (14%);
* phishing (10%);
* not receiving goods ordered online (8%);
* credit card fraud (5%);
* unauthorised bank transfers (3%).
Most of these problems are readily avoided, but some of them don’t
really have an online element at all. Not receiving goods from an
online auction or an online store is a procedural error, but the same
could occur with ordinary stores. Nigerian scam emails and phishing
attempts should be ignored all the time. There’s not much you can do
about credit card fraud apart from avoiding obviously dodgy sites and
scanning your bills regularly, but if you contact your financial
institution as soon as any discrepancies are detected you should be OK.

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