What will eBay outages mean in an all-PayPal universe?

paypal_logo.gifPayPal Australia is scheduled to have a maintenance outage on June 11 between 4pm and 5pm. There's nothing very unusual about that, but if the ACCC allows eBay to go ahead with its plan to make PayPal compulsory from June 17, the decision will effectively double the number of outages eBay sellers and buyers will have to put up with. As far as we can tell, a PayPal outage shouldn't bring eBay to its knees — you can list PayPal as a selling option even if you can't process a payment, so all it really does is delay sending and receiving payments.
But given that eBay outages already tend to occur during normal Australian working hours (since they're scheduled for the convenience of the US), we'd hope PayPal outages could be similarly adjusted in Australia's favour. After all, we're the nation acting as guinea pigs for this scheme. Is that asking too much? (Footnote: eBay PR contacted me after this story went up, keen to emphasise that site-wide maintenance outages for eBay now pretty much never happen. But there's still regular maintenance on elements of the site, and PayPal does suffer from site-wide maintenance periods, so the overall problem gets bigger however you dice it.)


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