What Steps Kill a Recipe For You?

What Steps Kill a Recipe For You?
The New York Times takes a humorous look at some of the tougher steps in fancy-pants recipes—coddling eggs, precise carving, or anything involving gelatin—and finds that even the most seasoned chefs have pre-determined “deal breakers.” We know there’s some gung-ho cooks amongst our readers, so it must be asked: What techniques or ingredients are deal breakers for you? Better still, what substitutions or work-arounds have you come up with for recipes that have one unnecessarily fussy step? Let’s hear about your triumph over traditions in the comments. Photo—of Truffle Coddled Eggs with Soldiers, no less—by Allerina & Glen MacLarty.


  • I like baking a lot but tend to fool around with recipes for things I already know rather than try entirely new things, so my deal breakers will probably be less interesting than most.

    That said: I dislike using electric mixers. My 10$ POS food chopper, fine, but my only mixer is my mom’s old Sunbeam that you could easily kill someone with. I tend to bring it out only when doing her recipes (like cut cookies) but otherwise it stays hidden under the counter.

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