Vodafone teases pre-registered iPhone customers

Vodafone teases pre-registered iPhone customers

Actually offering up real prices is apparently still too hard, but Vodafone has started sending email to customers who have pre-registered for the iPhone. “We are keen to make sure that we can give you the very best deals on your new iPhone 3G and we are putting the finishing touches to these offers,” the email reads. The most sensible way of interpreting this is that there’s unlikely to be any new iPhone details in the stores over the weekend, so it might pay to give the staff a break. There’s also the unsurprising warning “stocks will be limited so you will need to be quick”, suggesting that Vodafone, like Optus, has more demand than supply. If you miss out and you’re desperate, you could always pick up a first-gen iPhone on eBay and follow our instructions for one-click jailbreaking.


  • In iPhone product training today (on my ‘day off’, grr…) it was mentioned that no handset pricing details will be released (at least not intentionally) until less than a week before launch date – Apple aren’t taking any chances with this.

    I’ll post some further details (on the experience I had playing with one) in a comment more relevantly-placed than here. 😉

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