Use your Nintendo DS as a recipe book

Use your Nintendo DS as a recipe book

Nintendo is releasing Cooking Guide: Can’t decide what to eat?, a cookbook application for its DS handheld, on July 3. The 250-recipe package can be browsed by ingredients, country of origin, number of calories or degree of difficulty, and there’s a shopping list feature to track the ingredients you’ll need. While you could of course download recipe documents onto any number of portable devices, the package has one neat trick: you can advance through the stages of the recipe using voice commands, ensuring you don’t get sauce all over the screens. If you’ve got another high-tech tactic for accessing recipes in the kitchen, tell us about it in the comments.


  • Google the friggin recipe (or is another easy way) print off the recipe, get as much sauce as you want all over it, and chuck out your bit of paper at the end of the night. Or is that too high tech for all the idiots who would buy this thing?

  • Well, there is a minor green argument over using a sheet of A4 paper every time you cook. Though my own approach is similar — print the recipe and keep it in a display book, which can be wiped down and allows reuse.

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