This Week’s Best Posts

Here are this week’s most popular posts:

  • How to get the most out of Sydney’s Apple store
    “Apple Store #215 opens at 367 George St on June 19, with 125 employees just itching to meet all your Mac and iPod-related needs. Our nine-point guide will help you get the most out of a visit to the three-storey store.”
  • Power User’s Guide to Firefox 3
    “You already know about Firefox 3’s marquee new features, but now it’s time to dig deep and unearth the shortcuts, tweaks, and even Easter eggs that Mozilla marketing doesn’t mention.”
  • Is four beers a binge?
    “Debate is currently raging over reports that new drinking guidelines for Australia will define binge drinking as more than four mid-sized alcoholic drinks a day for men. “
  • The History of Firefox 1.0 to 3.0 in Screenshots
    “Mozilla released Firefox version 1.0 to relative obscurity in November of 2004, and four short years later, the much-anticipated Firefox 3.0 will hit the streets with ambitions of setting a new world record tomorrow.”
  • Top 10 Apps Worth Installing Adobe AIR For
    “Adobe AIR, a downloadable platform for running web-friendly apps on any operating system, is still pretty fresh on the market, but it already has a healthy number of applications in development or near completion.”
  • Speed Testing the Latest Web Browsers
    “We ran the latest editions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera 9.5, and Safari for Windows through some unscientific but highly geeky tests ourselves on a plain old Windows computer. Take a look at the full (and somewhat unexpected) results.”
  • The Browser Stopwatch Speed-Tests Page Load
    “The Webmonkey site offers a snippet of JavaScript that lets you speed-test your browser yourself, and we’ve modified it and created a bookmarklet from it so you can do your own tests.”
  • Four Extensions That Tweak Firefox 3’s “AwesomeBar”
    “There aren’t a whole lot of ways to configure the Smart Location bar in Firefox 3’s default options dialog—but there are a few new Firefox extensions that can do it for you.”

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