The Aussie home is shrinking, apparently

The Aussie home is shrinking, apparently

In an article for The Courier Mail
about new housing developments, writer John McCarthy laments the fact
that Australian houses are getting smaller:

NO real backyard, no laundry, smaller
and fewer rooms, the end of the two-car family and probably the
backyard cricket match – welcome to the future of affordable housing.

I'll be honest -- when I read this, I
thought a serious dose of urban realism was required. Although I've
got my own laundry and only two bedrooms, my own Sydney apartment largely
matches the description of this "bare necessities" home,
and I've got no complaints. If I lived in any other major global
city, I'd probably think the amount of space I had was spectacularly
generous. A bigger backyard would be nice, but that's what the local park is for (mine even has a BBQ). And as for the two-car family, the rising cost of petrol
and its environmental impact should be making people rethink that
strategy anyway.

Do our homes need to be as big as they
have been in the past? What strategies do you use to live effectively
in less space? Let us know in the comments.

Houses shrinking as mortgage costs bite [Courier Mail]


  • This is where local council run open spaces become so important. I’m lucky enough to live in a suburb with excellent parks (tip for barbies at public parks – use one of those new flexible, non-stick mats/liners so as not to cook on a possibly dodgy hot plate. Either that or just take your own little Hibachi or the like).

  • My wife and I just bought a 4 bedroom house on Sydney’s northern beaches. A big yard was the biggest priority for us so my daughter can go all jungle-book on us but the house isn’t very big. I think people are opting for smaller dwellings with larger outdoors area these days. I think, despite the internet-generation, people are still spending a lot of time outdoors.

  • i think its amazing australian’s have held onto large land ‘close’ to cities for so long. I live on under 300m^2 while we want a little bigger its more a want than need we have heaps of parks in reach, in fact the houses i have lived in since moving out of home and when at home all had heaps of parks near by. We need to stop urban sprawl and that means greater housing density.

  • “NO real backyard, no laundry, smaller and fewer rooms, the end of the two-car family and probably the backyard cricket match”

    Man, it is all for one reason: the end of the families. Family was the last comutarism.

    Amen for that.

  • I NEED a laundry. I can’t afford to get everything dry cleaned.
    As we grow our own vegies we need a big back yard too. I think it’s a crime to create greater housing density.
    I want my space and privacy from my neighbours. I’d never live in a block of flats.

  • Each to their own, but I will point out not having a laundry yourself hardly means everything needs dry cleaning. Most Australian apartment blocks have communal laundries, or there’s public laundromats. In the UK, even big houses don’t necessarily have a laundry — a front-loader under the kitchen bench is pretty standard.

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