Teach your Eee's OpenOffice to spell in Australian

OpenOffice offers a fine word processor for users of the ever-popular Eee PC, but sadly the default shipping OS doesn't offer any spell checker at all, let alone an Australian one. Fix that problem by following these steps.

* Make sure your machine is connected to the Internet, either wirelessly, via cable or using a broadband modem.
* Launch OpenOffice (found as Documents on the Work tab of the main launcher).
* Select the File menu, and pick File —> Wizards —> Install new dictionaries (the bottom option). This will launch a read-only document to install the DicOOo dictionary package.
* Click on the link for English on the second page.
* Click the StartDicOOo button, which will launch a download wizard. Click Next to begin. On the following screen, click Retrieve the list to download a list of languages. This process can take some time, so be patient (and don't perform any other tasks, this can send the Eee into a temperamental lockdown). If the system requests an upgrade, say no for the time being.
* When the dictionary list appears, select English (Australia) (it's in the first screen).
* Repeat the process to select a hyphenation and thesaurus dictionary (not essential, but useful for ensuring intelligent word breaks and useful word lists).
* After clicking Next, OpenOffice will begin downloading dictionaries and installing them. This can take some time and again it's best not to interrupt.
* Once the dictionaries have downloaded, click Finish, then exit Open Office and restart.
* Set Australian English as your default language by choosing Tools —> Options —> Language settings —>Languages and selecting English (Australia). In the Writing aids tab, select all three available language modules (the shipping version doesn't have any), and you should be good to go.


    Even better, install eeeXubuntu and a small version of Open Office. I did it on an Aussie one, and it works fantastically! Makes the eee work like a dream, even with desktop effects.

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