Snipe Multiple eBay Auctions with JBidwatcher

Snipe Multiple eBay Auctions with JBidwatcher

Windows/Mac/Linux (All platforms with Java): JBidwatcher, a cross-platform, open-source eBay sniper application, is now available in a well-tended 2.0 beta release, with a few new tweaks and a better-looking interface for every platform. JBidwatcher has won praises from commenters in particular for its “multisnipe” function—choose multiple auctions for the same type of item, set a maximum price you want to win with, and JBidwatcher will jump in at the last minute on a possible win and stop bidding on the others. Whether you’re going to be away from your desk or just want the convenience of having an app do your auction bidding, this app is a good bet. JBidwatcher is a free download for any platform running the Java Runtime Environment.


  • JBidWatcher is cool, and I like that it’s open source, but it’s kind of a pain to make sure your computer is on all the time.

    Free online snipers like work well. There’s also which I prefer as it’s completely free like gixen but has no limitation on snipes.

    Disclaimer: I created []

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