Quikmaps lets you doodle on Google


While it's always been possible to add buttons and other information to Google maps, doing anything complicated has generally required a fair degree of developer nous. Quikmaps (developed by a Canadian now resident in Australia) greatly simplifies the process, allowing easy drawing of straight or freehand lines on any Google map, as well as drag-and-drop buttons and text labels. Registering (a free process that requires nothing more than a user name at this stage) lets you save your doodled maps and generate code to add them to your own site.



    Remind me, what's on the corner of King St and Clarence?

    A pub, IIRC. Now, the corner of King and George is a whole other story, and where I should have put the flag, of course . . . though the picture needs to get replaced once I've got a bigger machine to hand than the Eee (not the best place for a screen grab!)

    Still needs some work, but I do like it. The doodle and the draw lines did not work every time. However its a great idea and when it's tweaked a bit, will be great!

    Site is down. Did we crash it?


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