Quickly Remove Formatting In Microsoft Programs

Quickly Remove Formatting In Microsoft Programs

When you’re copying and pasting something to or from a Microsoft application such as Word or Outlook and you want to remove the formatting there is a quick keyboard shortcut to do so. Rather than use the mouse and the Paste Special button, you can simply paste the text, highlight it, and hit Ctrl+Space to remove the formatting and convert the selection into plain text. (Australian editor adds: I still think it’s easier to just paste with Control-V, hit Ctrl-Shift-F10 for Smart Tags, and select ‘Paste text only’ — much faster if there’s a lot to select.)


  • I’m not sure why people don’t customise the keyboard in Word. If you’re familiar with Crtl-V for Paste, then Alt-V is not too much of a leap for Paste Special. This is much easier than the drop down menu for Paste Special.

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