Picking the best new top-level domains


The Internet has seemingly gotten a long way with top-level domains — the last bits after the dot in any Internet domain name, usually abbreviated to TLDs — essentially limited to country codes (such as .au) and a handful of “global” options (such as .com). However, this week ICANN (which controls domain name policy) is voting on a proposal that would allow a much wider range of TLDs, including company names and trademarks. As the BBC reports, one of the first cabs off the rank if the proposal goes through will probably be .xxx for adult content, which ICANN has rejected previously. An approval committee will block any offensive choices, and in the event that several organisations want to create a new top-level domain, there’ll be an auction. If nothing else, that’s a good way for ICANN to get funding.
Porn frenzy aside, what new top-level domains would you find useful? Do we need .social for social networking? .hack for code listings? .nsw and .qld, with every other state getting a go as well? Or is a healthy dose of creativity and a dirt-cheap .com domain name still the best choice? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


  • I’d like to see something akin to .fam for family friendly content only. Sounds a bit silly, I know, but I think it’d resolve the debate about policing the net and keeping kids “safe”

  • I kinda see all these new TLD’s as a touch silly and I find myself clicking far less frequently on ‘.biz’ domains than ‘.com’ because I find that they convey a less professional approach to an internet presence.

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