More Firefox 3 shortcuts for quick Gmail

Hot on the heels of our contest-winning tip on adding Gmail to your browser search box, reader Matthew B wrote in with an alternative technique for fast email composition. This one uses Firefox 3’s Smart Bookmarks feature.
Matthew explains the technique:

Using the Shift+C hotkey combination in Gmail brings up
‘Compose’ in a new window. By viewing Page Info from the right-click
context menu, one can find the URL of this page. Now, switching to the
‘Forms’ tab, we find the ‘post’ form and its fields. At the top of the
list is the ‘to’ field. If we bookmark this page (or copy the URL from
Page Info), it’s simply a matter of squeezing the string “?to=%S&”
(minus quotation marks) between “.com/mail/” and “?ui=” (the capital S
is necessary to preserve the ‘@’ symbol). Just assign the bookmark a
keyword, and it works like any other Quicksearch. I’ve used ‘mailto’,
followed by the address of the recipient. When the page loads, focus
moves to the ‘Subject’ field.

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